How to Adjust Your Home for Smoother Plumbing

How to Adjust Your Home for Smoother Plumbing


There are a number of factors that will influence your plumbing system’s ability to function well over time. That’s why you need to do ongoing maintenance to make sure that it is always running smoothly. You’d be surprised at how doing these small jobs on a regular basis will consistently improve your water flow.

You are also protecting your plumbing from damage and reducing the likelihood that you’ll need to get repairs done. Here are some ways to improve your plumbing, save time and save money as well.

Adjust Your Water Pressure to Correct Setting

“balancedwaterpressure”If your water pressure is set very high, you might appreciate it while in the shower, but you won’t like what it is doing to your plumbing system. The strength of the water puts undue pressure on the pipes, joints, fixtures, and drains, which can actually cause them to break down.

You'll soon be faced with plumbing leaks that can be pricey to fix. Check your water pressure periodically to make sure that it is in the safe range of 40-60 psi.

Educate Yourself on Local Requirements

“localrequirements”It may seem like a hassle to get the proper paperwork filed and to find out what the regulations are around doing DIY plumbing jobs in Derry, NH, but this is time well spent.

Plumbing code is in place to set the standards for quality and safety. If you don't stick to code, you are taking on unnecessary risk.

You could be looking at inconvenience at minimum, extra costs or even dangerous situations down the road if things aren't done right, to begin with.

Drain Cleaners

“cleandrains”Plumbing clogs are expensive and messy, so you are well advised to get rid of them before they become a problem. However, don't get in the habit of using commercial drain cleaners to clean your drains.

The same strong chemicals that break through clogs also attack your plumbing system and can cause corrosion, which will lead to water leaks and other damage.

Have a professional drain cleaning done regularly because it is a safer and more effective way to keep clogs from forming.

Block Hair

“haircleaner”One of the major contributors to clogs in the home is hair. Hair can be tricky to remove, and it doesn't take a whole lot to cause some big problems.

One way to avoid these clogs is to put a hair blocker over a drain in your shower or bathtub. You just pop it out and clean it when you are done.

It's also a good idea to get your plumbing inspected now and then by a professional to identify small issues before they have a chance to turn into bigger ones.